Magellanic Penguins outside Puerto Madryn, Argentina.  © Carolyn McCarthy

Magellanic Penguins outside Puerto Madryn, Argentina.  © Carolyn McCarthy

My Collaborators Say...

Carolyn McCarthy was hands-down the best author I worked with in my 12 years at Lonely Planet. Her research was impeccable – she always went the extra mile to get the best, most unique experiences for travelers. Her writing soared, combining concrete details with lyrical description to clearly evoke the character and natural beauty of a place. She was also an excellent Lead Author, mentoring new authors, diligently checking their work to ensure consistency and holding everyone to the high standards she set for herself. Carolyn has a deep knowledge of and love for South America, especially Chile, as well as for the wild places of the USA. She is an adventurer and an intrepid outdoorsperson who knows what kind of information travelers need. She is also very professional, personable and flexible, and possesses true integrity. I can’t say enough good things about Carolyn. If I could have hired her for every book, I would have.

--Kathleen Munnelly, Commissioning Editor at Lonely Planet, 2005-2013


Carolyn McCarthy is among the most curious, insightful, and tenacious writers I know. Regardless of what she’s covering, the passion she brings to the project and the lengths to which she will go to make certain that she gets the story just right shine through in her words. There’s no one’s words with which I’d feel safer traveling.

--Jeffrey Seglin, Director of Communications Program at Harvard Kennedy School of Government


Carolyn McCarthy is the kind of writer editors dream of working with: a careful writer, a thorough researcher, and a sharp observer, her insights presented with clarity and precision. Her work ethic is solid, but it does not impinge on her creativity. Carolyn is one of those writers whose relationship with language make people and places come alive for her readers. In addition, as a travel writer, Carolyn cares a great deal for the people and places she meets and writes about. In writers, this combination of skill and sensitivity can be rare; in Carolyn, they are second nature.

--Antonia Malchik, Managing Editor at Stir Journal


Carolyn is a trustworthy and 100% reliable coordinating author - she knows how to motivate her team of co-authors and she is a joy to work with.

--Jean-Bernard Carillet, Travel Writer & TV Anchor


Carolyn’s essays and creative non-fiction combine sharp insight, humor and the well-turned phrase in a crisp, succinct literary style. Her narration uses first-hand accounts to explore travel in the context of the meeting of cultures. The result is writing which explores complex ideas while maintaining their significance for the reader. In past projects she has proven adept at finding the unique and imperative story beneath seemingly ordinary situations.

--Don Montague, Founder, South American Explorers


It is a pleasure to work with Carolyn. She is the right blend of professional and friendly/courteous - as a coordinating author for the latest Peru guide she was the adhesive that made the book come together, and was able to unearth new material that made the book top-notch. She also speaks great Spanish.

--Luke Waterson, Novelist and Travel Writer